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Amsterdam is a global leader in sustainable energy management, transportation, urban design and business innovation. With more than 60% of inner city trips taking place on two-wheels and more bicycles than people, Amsterdam has earned its reputation as a leading bicycle-friendly city. But Amsterdam’s sustainable practices go well beyond climate neutral transportation.  By 2025, the City of Amsterdam aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% compared to 1990 levels, focusing on renewable energy production, energy efficiency and conservation, and the construction of new climate neutral buildings.  Amsterdam is also innovating in energy and waste management, electric vehicles use, and greening the ICT sector.

Perhaps even more importantly, Amsterdam is a leader in social sustainability.  From affordable housing solutions for students and the elderly, to social enterprises supporting those most disadvantaged in society, Amsterdammers know environmental sustainability is closely linked to social and economic well-being.

Sustainable Amsterdam is a boutique consultancy specializing in transferring Amsterdam’s innovative approaches and initiatives for sustainable development and green growth internationality   

For any information about any of our work or if you would like to collaborate with us please email cornelia@sustainableamsterdam.com

Overview of our serives:

1. Consulting

Best experienced by bicycle, our study tours introduce Amsterdam’s approach to sustainable, smart, liveable cities.  In the  the best introduction to topics such as sustainable and smart urban design water management, renewable energy projects, and unique community initiatives. We will also discuss the roles of government and civil society in making cities sustainable. read more about our tours on the Study Tours page.

2. Sustainable & Smart Cities Master Class

This intense, hands-on program is the best way to discover the latest developments related to sustainable and smart cities in Amsterdam. We start with an interactive presentation introducing key policies and projects related to energy, mobility, circular economy and climate-proof city developments. Then it’s time to get on bikes and discover first hand some of the latest and most innovative projects Amsterdam has to offer. This program is only available on the last Friday of the month.

3. Consulting

Sustainable Amsterdam provides consultancy and research services focusing on sustainable and smart urban innovation helping public and private organizations develop plans for more sustainable, resilient and competitive development.

Using best practices from the success of The Netherlands, we advise cities and other advocates on specifically how they can become more sustainable and future proof.  Most often we work on projects related to:

  • Sustainable mobility master plans
  • Urban redevelopment projects
  • Fostering innovation and start-up ecosystem
  • Sustainable tourism visions

4. Learning Expeditions

Our Learning Expeditions are immersive experiences that take participants outside of their comfort zone and trigger new ideas and insights that push individuals, teams and organization to the next level.   To inquire about our learning expedition, please fill out this form.

5. Expert Lectures, Keynotes & Workshops

Sustainable Amsterdam offers keynote lectures, expert presentations and workshops on a variety of sustainability related topics. Lectures last approximately 60 minutes and are accompanied by a presentation. The session is interactive and there are plenty of opportunities to ask all your questions. Per lecture we allow 20 participants max.

Most popular themes:

  • Amsterdam as a model sustainable and smart city
  • Learning from Amsterdam how to become a cycling city
  • Amsterdam’s start-up and entrepreneurship ecosystem

6. Private Weekend Tours

In Amsterdam for the weekend and want to discover its sustainable secrets? This program is ideal for small groups of professionals or students, but also for couples or families with an interest in sustainability. Discover Amsterdam’s culture of sustainability during a 2.5hr tour customized to your interests. The tour is best experienced on two wheels but if your group members are not comfortable cycling, it is possible to adjust the tour to a walking and public transit itinerary.

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