Since 2014 Sustainable Amsterdam has designed and hosted more than 100 cycling-city study tours for public, private and academic groups.

Our unique study tours are the perfect way for groups to immerse themselves in Amsterdam’s cycling planning approach and experience safe street and neighbourhoods designed for interaction, socializing and play. By sharing Amsterdam’s innovations and challenges, we help planners, engineers, designers, politicians and advocates understand that it’s possible to create their own more people friendly streets and cities. 

Examples of past tours

We Bike the City

During the first edition of “We Make The City” innovation festival in 2018, Sustainable Amsterdam collaborated with BYCS to design a bicycle tour to show how Amsterdam is building a city of the future and cycling’s role in this. Two special edition tours were also hosted for an international audience. 

CycleSpace Delegations Program

In 2015 the City of Amsterdam hosted a competition in searched of a private partner who could help share the City’s knowledge and leadership as a cycling city.  CycleSpace was selected as the winning party and asked to host study tours for professional delegation in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam.  For her experience and expertise hosting international delegations on cycling study tour and lectures, Cornelia Dinca of Sustainable Amsterdam was asked to lead CycleSpace’s Delegations Program.


In 2017 the largest cycling conference in the world took place in the Netherlands, with a day visit to Amsterdam.  Sustainable Amsterdam worked together with the City of Amsterdam, CycleSpace and Fietsersbond to welcome over 700 Velo-City delegates to Amsterdam.  Sustainable Amsterdam was responsible for curating a number of “Amsterdammer for a Day” bicycle tours in focusing in cycling-friendly mobility planning and integrated land-use transport planning.