Five Unique Projects for a Green & Climate-proof Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s commitment to becoming a “climate-proof” hinges on transforming the city into a green haven. Beyond merely enhancing the city’s appearance, the drive for more green spaces are key to responding to climate change event — ranging from heavy rainfall to extreme heatwaves and droughts.

Here are five distinct projects showing Amsterdam’s journey toward a greener, climate-resilient future:

  1. Postzegelpark: Revamping Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in the city center, the new Postzegelpark, or Stamppost Park, seamlessly merges climate adaptation and community space. Featuring green spaces and a rainwater storage tank to prevent flooding, this park incorporates a lowered playground that functions as a rainwater basin during extreme weather. Even the tram track is adorned with grass, enhancing water absorption and transforming the space into a vibrant oasis for the neighborhood.

2. The Valley: A new architectural icon in Amsterdam’s financial hub, The Valley integrates offices, shops, cultural spaces, and apartments within a complex adorned adorned with a lush green valley. Crafting a new accessible city park, it hosts over 271 trees and various wildlife support systems, aspiring to be not just a structure but a thriving green ecosystem fostering the well-being of its residents.

3.Houthaven Park: Created by placing of one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares underground, Houthaven Park emerges as a connecting point between the contemporary Houthavens district and the historical Spaarnammerbuurt. Nestled at this intersection, the park serves as a verdant haven and vibrant communal space for residents.

4. Knowledge Mile Park: Spanning from NEMO to Amstelplein, The Knowledge Mile Park aims to transform Amsterdam’s formerly most polluted street into a green living laboratory. This collaborative initiative involving the Municipality of Amsterdam, Knowledge Mile BIZ, residents, and entrepreneurs endeavours to green sidewalks, facades, and roofs, envisaging this entire area as an extensive park. A great spot to experience the park is from the Zoku Rooftop restaurant.

5. Groenpunt020: Serving as a hub for green organizations citywide, Groenpunt020 fosters discussions, workshops, and activities centered on urban nature and agriculture, championing greenery and biodiversity within the city.

In essence, Amsterdam’s green projects represent an effort to fortify the city against climate challenges while fostering a more sustainable and vibrant urban environment for everyone.

Discover more unique green spaces through Amsterdam’s interactive Green Projects Map. Or delve deeper into Amsterdam’s climate-proof strategies and the significance of green spaces by booking the Sustainable Amsterdam Climate-proof Tour.

Photo credit @Thomas Schlijper