Sustainable Amsterdam is a boutique consultancy focused on tackling urgent and complex challenges by sharing Amsterdam-based innovations for sustainable and smart urban development. 

It’s Never Too Late to Completely Shift Course— The Making of Circl Pavilion

Circl Pavilion is a place created by ABN AMRO to share knowledge and to be a living lab where anyone with good ideas about sustainability and circularity can find the space to explore and collaborate.  But, that was not always the goal. It began as a plan to provide some extra conference rooms and hospitality
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The Historic Urgenda Climate Case against The Dutch Government Sets Precedent

Last December, after a six year fight led by Urgenda, the Dutch Supreme Court upheld the landmark decision ruling that the government has the explicit duty to protect its citizens’ human rights in the face of climate change.  As such, by the end of this year the Netherlands must reduce emissions by at least 25%
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Morrowland: Changing the Narrative on Climate Change

Strawberry Fields creative agency has brought addressing climate change to light in a new way with an animated short film, Morgenland (Morrowland). The film takes viewers on a 12-minute positive, inspiring journey about what measures the Dutch can take to have a positive impact on reaching the European Commission’s “Climate Neutral by 2050” goal. Contrary
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Plan Amsterdam

I often recommend Plan Amsterdam as background reading for groups who want more information on certain topics before or after their study visit to Amsterdam. This online resource is particularly helpful for professionals and student groups interested in the City of Amsterdam’s approach to sustainability and features write-ups on the policies and projects centered on this topic. 
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Roadmap Amsterdam Climate Neutral 2050

The City of Amsterdam wants to eliminate its dependence on coal, oil and gas. The goals are to reach 55% fewer CO2 emissions in 2030 and 95% fewer emissions in 2050 (compared to 1990). And, in 2040 the City would like to be free of natural gas altogether. The goals are clear but, the path
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The Future of the Car in Amsterdam

This article was adapted from one originally published by Gemeente Amsterdam (the City of Amsterdam) on 10 January, in Dutch: https://www.amsterdam.nl/actueel/nieuws/toekomst-auto/ Amsterdam strives for more green spaces, pedestrians areas, cycling paths, and places for children to play. This is the vision of the City Council of Amsterdam. Consequently, there will be less space for cars.
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Java Electric: sharing an electric car on Java Island

This article was adapted from one originally published by Gemeente Amsterdam: Elektrische auto delen vanuit eigen garage Residents of an apartment complex on Java Island have had a brand new electric car since December 2018. They have leased and share a new Nissan Leaf with two other families, and it’s parked right under their building. “Sharing
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Amsterdam’s Environmental Zones

Environmental Zones, or “Milieuzones” in Dutch, were first implemented in Amsterdam more than a decade ago in 2007.  At first they covered a relatively small portion of the city and regulated only very polluting trucks.  The zones grew progressively and incorporated more and more types of vehicles. Amsterdam is one of the thirteen cities in the Netherlands
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Floating Homes on Ijburg

The Dutch have always lived near water and coped well with the dangers. They live on land protected by dykes, on man-made mounds which rise them above sea level, near the shore, and even in the water on floating homes.  While houseboats can be spotted along the canals in many Dutch cities and there is also
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