As the number of people traveling continues to grow, so do the impacts from the tourism sector.  In fact, tourism now represents one of fastest growing source of greenhouses emissions worldwide.  Luckily, the number of people who want to make their travels and holidays more sustainable is also increasing.

Whether at home or on holidays, sustainability begins with an awareness of our actions and their impacts.  This is what the folks from Conscious Hotels are all about.  They opened Amsterdam’s first eco-design hotel in 2009 near Museumplein, followed by a second location nearby the Vondelpark.  On a recent visit, we were impressed with the many ways in which Conscious Hotels makes it possible for their guests to enjoy the city while lowering their environmental footprint.  Here are 12 features that make Conscious Hotels sustainable:

  1. Most furniture is made of natural or recycled materials, for instance, breakfast tables are made of recycled yoghurt cups.
  2. Linens, towels, and mattresses are eco-certified.
  3. Energy efficient LED lighting reduces energy consumption.
  4. Water efficient showerheads conserve water.
  5. Refillable shampoo and conditioner dispensers reduces waste.
  6. The food and drinks served are made of organic ingredients.
  7. The hotel features a beautiful and soothing green wall, as well as a green roof.
  8. Staff use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  9. The hotel is located on the the #1 tramline and guests are encouraged to visit the city on two wheels. Guests who prefer a taxi are recommended an electric option.
  10. Electricity is sourced from wind power.
  11. Waste is separated and recycled.
  12. The hotel organizes weekly eco-tours and other sustainable pop-up events, mixing travels and locals.

In their own words, Conscious Hotels is “eco-friendly but not eco-fundamentalist”, so these measures are not flaunted with a righteous tone, but with a humorous one.  We like this approach, and the way in which the people behind Conscious Hotels makes travel a “hip, friendly, green & fun experience.  We think one innovative way Conscious Hotels can make travel even more sustainable is by offering guests the opportunity to offset their air travel emissions, which usually account for approximately 80% of greenhouses emissions associated with tourism.

Sustainability measures are commented in a fun and creative way.

Sustainability measures are communicated in a fun and creative way.

Green wall

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, green walls offer important health benefits, by improving air quality and having a soothing, calming influence.


Beds and linens are made of natural and eco-certified materials for a comfortable sleep.

Conscious Shop features local and sustainable products and gift ideas.

The Conscious Shop features local and sustainable products and gift ideas.

We look forward to the opening of Conscious Hotels’ third location in 2016!  Located in a former musketry school, the building is being retrofitted to include solar panels and a highly efficient district heating and cooling system.

Learn more and book your stay on Conscious Hotels’ website.