We think the best way to learn what makes Amsterdam a smart, vibrant and livable is on two wheels. We offer the following standard presentations but can develop presentations to suit your needs.

  1. Amsterdam’s Sustainable Urbanism

Our cities’ most pressing problems are linked to car-centric, sprawl development characterized by low population densities and segregated land-uses lacking in quality. The alternative is to build neighborhoods and cities following the principles of compact form where most daily needs can be met within an enjoyable walking and cycling distance. Amsterdam embodies the principles of compact form and offers valuable lessons for cities that wish to improve land-use and mobility policies for improved sustainability.

  1. Amsterdam’s foundations as a Smart City

There’s much talk about “smart cities” these days, and many people think that technology lies at the centre of these discussions.  But what makes your smart phone smart is not the technology per se, but the way its applications make your life more easy, productive, and fun.  In the same way, smart city claims should be evaluated based on their ability to improve quality of life for all residents.   In this presentation we illustrate that what sets Amsterdam apart from other smart cities is a holistic approach to city making, where ICTs enhance – not replace – spatial and social infrastructure, to make Amsterdam a leading livable, vibrant and resilient city.

  1. Amsterdam’s Sustainability Agenda

The city’s current sustainably agenda maps out a vision and specific actions to achieve higher levels of renewable energy, clear air, a circular economy and a climate-resilient city. This presentation provides historical and modern perspectives on how sustainability acts as a motor for society and as a driver of the economy.