Amsterdam Afval Energie Bedrijf

Amsterdam Afval Energie Bedrijf There’s a fascinating side of Amsterdam that few people consider and that is its waste. What happens after you toss that bag of trash? Does it go to some landfill in Flevoland or Friesland or maybe just end up in the canal or the IJ? The answer may surprise you. About
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Structural Vision 2040

Due to its physical location, Amsterdam has always had to consider the threat of the sea and plan accordingly. While people usually find that Amsterdam has an “organic” feel, the city is in fact the result of 800 years of carefully thought and planned development. Starting with the construction of a dam on the Amstel
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Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen”

Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen” (Neighbourhood farm “Our Pleasure”) is one of the last remaining farms within Amsterdam’s ringroad – a traditional Dutch polder landscape just four kilometers from the city’s Central train station. The community uses Buurtboerderij for a range of activities, from low-cost community meals, to yoga and drawing lessons, and live music and theater.
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Westergasfabriek and Westerpark

Friday, 31 May, was a perfect day to explore sustainability at Westergasfabriek Cultural Park. Our hosts Corinne and Chris spoke about the park’s “dirty past”  as a natural gas production site. Starting in 1885, Westergasfabriek produced  natural gas from coal in what  was the largest industrial facility of its type in the Netherlands. In the 1980s the City of Amsterdam
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